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“Prior to my journey with Sanjivan, I had been defined by my fears and insecurities which had led to a lack of direction and confidence in not only myself, but my competence as a whole.
A positive change in the right direction had been eminent from the outset of our sessions together.
Sanjivan had facilitated my growth by providing me with a positive space and the necessary tools which were needed to change my maladaptive behaviour – Sanjivan helped me help myself to gain clarity on my goals, identify and overcome the obstacles which held me back, he offered me a supportive environment in which I had been able to thrive in a personal and professional capacity.
With the use of Sanjivans help, I am now able to compartmentalise and segregate the positive from the negative occurrences in my life by restructuring my thinking patterns. It is safe to say that I have gained an effective coping mechanism in being able to overcome any negative influences and embrace the positive.
My insecurities and lack of courage had faded away and I had gained the ability to adapt to situations accordingly, thus allowing me to overcome anything and everything which is thrown my way. I no longer let situations of people get the better of me, I was able to stand up for myself, grow and develop into a better person.
Sanjivan is a caring and compassionate person who always has his client’s best interest at the forefront. Our journey has only just begun and I look forward to everything what the future holds, not only for myself but for him too.

Shikar Juggernath

Current client

“There’s a lot of noise out there these days. With the digital and social age, everyone has a voice. The problem with this, of course, is that everyone is also making bold claims. One such worrying claim is that there are lots of people in the market who claim they can, have or will help you.

I must admit, I have always been a tad cynical when it’s come to receiving ‘coaching’ or ‘guidance’. How can one show that there has been a return on this sort of investment?
When Sanjivan embarked on a journey with me, it did not feel like business or lessons at all. It was more like I was teaming up with an approachable, humble and extremely insightful individual, who wasn’t telling me what I had to do. He was showing me a path. And I gain the confidence from this to make my own decisions from there.
I am a lot of things to a lot of people. I work for one of our country’s top Financial Services providers as part of a world-class communications team that operates in an extremely pressurised environment. I’m also an author who was been fortunate enough to have won a lot of awards for his work, but is continually under the spotlight to produce more brilliant work, time and time again. Finally, I have many relationships, both family and friends, that rely on me to be the best version of myself so that I may openly love them, provide guidance to them and be a pillar of strength to them.
There was a time when I was managing all of this on my own. Then lockdown hit and I broke, like so many other people did during a time when the world was truly bleeding. Reaching out to Sanjivan rebuilt me and more importantly, he helped show me a better way of living life. There will always be challenges to face and hurdles to summit, and Sanjivan has given me the tools to ensure I don’t avoid them, but I meet them head on.
He also managed to help me deal with the stigmas that come with not talking about male mental health or associated with cultural prejudices, whilst also tackling key topics like inferiority complexes, anger management and insecurities.

He did all of this whilst not forcing me down any specific avenue, instead, allowing me to choose the path I wanted to go on.

I am proud to have had him in my corner and with all the wonderful results I am now seeing, I know he won’t want to take credit for them. That’s just the stellar type of coach he is!”

Javi Reddy

Author & Previous Client

Having Sanjivan Singh as a personal coach has benefitted both my personal and professional life in more ways than I had anticipated from the outset of my journey with him. A trustworthy, grounded and stoic individual is someone I have always needed in my corner and Sanjivan embodies this with astute intellect and clarity of thought.

Often my own perceptions of my challenges and difficulties have become jaded through the lens of my own distinct behavioural habits but Sanjivan assists to reconstruct the situation from an entirely objective point of view. What sets Sanjivan apart from other mentors is his unique ability to help you make your own discoveries; you are still the leader and creator of your journey but with a faithful and diligent guide.

Coaching with Sanjivan has provided mini-maps of direction and light throughout areas of life I had previously been very lost in, such as work crises, relationships and social compromises, and gives me the freedom and confidence to steer my energy and passions towards the goals I have for myself. Understanding my own identity and learning to ‘befriend’ myself through Sanjivan’s help has been the fire-starter under the coals I had been looking for.

Life coaching has been the greatest investment I have made towards my dreams in the sense that it has drastically improved my ability to communicate, relate and understand others, placing me in the best position to make the best out of any circumstance and maintain a rock-steady course towards what I want to achieve from it.

Whereas I previously faced my desires in life with a ‘one day’ mentality – coaching with Sanjivan has turned that into ‘Day One’.

Thrivin Naidoo

Current Client