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Why coaching?

A little background…

Coaching is about making objective observations that provide great insights into understanding who the individual is, what they are seeking to achieve and the beliefs that are both propelling them to, and limiting them from, attaining a life of fulfilment.

Coaching is, then, about providing the individual with a set of sustainable and pragmatic tools, principles and affirmations that is conducive to their growth .

It is in human nature to seek some form of external confirmation and advice. Yes, the inward journey should be set as the foundation but a balanced approach will always be required. What essentially contributes to maximum growth and potential, however, is knowing who to confide in to provide you with those external confirmations and advice.

For example, if you are seeking advice and validation on a matter that is personal to you, asking someone that has an existing subjective relationship with you will more than likely prove to be a bias opinion, and said to ensure that you are not offended in anyway. A coach, however, will speak to the facts and their focus will always be on moving you forward. A coach will not harp on the problem and will not allow you to do so as well. The focus is to ensure that you build a solid foundation and consistently apply dynamism in your development and growth.